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Be a Know-it-all... in a good way!

Instantly know the status of every room in your hotel.

Time Cleans

Know how long each housekeeper is taking on each room!

Speed Up the Day

Stop wasting your team's time going from room to room and floor to floor just to see if a room is ready for inspection.

Instant Communication

Your front desk can now tell your housekeepers when a guest has checked out, if they decided to spend another night, special requests and more. All through one easy to use app!

Communicate in their Language

Translate your messages to their language.

But wait, there's more...

Unlock all of these great features when you use Faster Housekeeping.

Rate and Track Cleans

Know who your fastest and most effective best housekeepers are with our reports.

Track DNDs

Track each time a housekeeper finds a DND posted.

Track Room Needs

Need towels? Sheets? Know instantly.

Room Notes

Add notes about late check outs, early check ins, pets, and more!

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